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$894K 13-Leg Super Parlay Win at Stake Sportsbook

21 Sep 2023
Leon Travers 21 Sep 2023
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  • Bettor earns payout of nearly $900K from $17K bet
  • The super parlay had 13 legs with total odds of 49.72
  • This week comes a few weeks after Stake paid out $912K on another parlay
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  • Cincinnati Open Tennis Parlay Wins Bettor $894K
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Clearly, someone knows their tennis as pays out $894,022.30 on 13-leg Cincinnati Open super parlay win.

Cincinnati Open Tennis Parlay Wins Bettor $894K

Anyone with knowledge of sports betting will know how difficult parlay bets are to win; however, one customer is inclined to disagree.

Flexing their tennis knowledge, one bettor slammed down $17,982.00 on a massive 13-leg parlay, with selections coming from matches at the Cincinnati Open tennis tournament.

All of the picks were on the match-winner market, and this bettor picked the favorite for each game. This meant the highest odds (for a single selection) were 1.70. 

Nevertheless, because it was a parlay bet, the prices of all the selections were multiplied together, producing final odds of 49.72. It would have been higher, but one of the bets was void, so that pick was removed from the ticket.

The payout ended up being $894,022.30, which is sensational for a few days worth of tennis action.

Follow the Big Money

Quite obviously, this bettor had done their research, which is the secret to sports betting. While this doesn’t guarantee success all the time, it dramatically improves your chances of winning over the long term.

The platform allows users to view all the big money wagers, and you can copy their tickets to place identical bets should you wish. Our strategy is to pre-plan our own bet selections and then look through the high-roller bets to see if they align. 

It is essentially for confirmation of our predictions. Obviously, if a bettor has staked thousands of dollars and bet against our pick, we go back to our research. This can be time-consuming, but when you get to shark status like our parlay winner, it’s worth it.

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The Stake Sportsbook is a tremendous platform for tennis bettors. It covers all of the world’s best events from the ATP, WTA, and ITF, as well as having plenty of Challenger Tour games.

Moreover, tennis results are typically more consistent than most team sports. What we mean by this is how often do Djokovic or Alcaraz lose in the first round? Rarely is the answer. This affords more opportunities to place mega parlays.

If you’d like to get involved in tennis betting, our Stake promo code for sports is the perfect way to begin.

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