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Basketball fan lands $312,603.85 NBA Parlay at

13 Jan 2023
Leigh Copson 13 Jan 2023
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  • NBA fan scoops over $312k from winning parlay
  • Punter would have won double had they not cashed out early
  • Find out how you too can place parlay bets on basketball and more
  • Always Let The Parlay Ride
  • How The Bet Was Won
  • How To Place Your Own Parlay
  • Promo Code - HUGE
One customer is celebrating after nailing a big parlay bet on the NBA this week.

Always Let The Parlay Ride

One of the most appealing things about parlay bets is the chance to land massive winnings.

A Stake customer did just that earlier this week as they scooped $312,603.85 by placing a five-leg bet on the NBA – a bet that included the customer backing a couple of heavy favourites.

Despite that huge windfall they must have been kicking themselves a little afterwards, having opted to cash out their bet with two games still to be completed.

Had they held on they would have doubled their winnings and Stake was quick to ‘tap the sign’ when showcasing the winning bet on Twitter, telling customers ‘always let the parlay ride’.

How The Bet Was Won

  • Philadelphia 76ers – Detroit Pistons – 76ers win ✅
  • Toronto Raptors – Charlotte Hornets – Raptors win ✅
  • Utah Jazz – Cleveland Cavaliers – Jazz win ✅
  • Golden State Warriors – Phoenix Suns – Suns win ✅
  • Portland Trail Blazers – Orlando Magic – Magic win ✅

Philadelphia lived up to their billing as heavy favourites as they blew out Detroit in a 147-116 win, while Toronto also made straightforward work of their opponents as they beat Charlotte 132-120.

Utah were made to work for a 116-114 win against Cleveland, and perhaps that tempted the customer to cash out before the conclusion of the final two games, one of which was settled by only three points.

How To Place Your Own Parlay

Placing a parlay could not be simpler, and you do not have to stick to just one sport like this customer.

All you need to do is add selections to your betslip that are eligible for a parlay bet, and as you do it you will see options to place other types of bets and not just an individual bet on each selection.

As you add selections the total odds of the parlay bet will increase – more selections mean more risk, and more risk means bigger rewards.

And of course, as the odds get bigger that means even smaller stakes could result in huge winnings.

For your bet to be a winner you need every selection to be successful, but there are opportunities to bail out on your bet while you are ahead.

That is just what this Stake customer did – they saw their first three selections win and decided against holding out for the final two selections to be winners.

In this instance they were winners, but had one of them lost and the customer not cashed out, the bet would have been a loser. Promo Code - HUGE

If you want to place a parlay bet, or any type of bet for that matter, you will need an online account to place a bet with Signing up could not be easier and when you register using Stake promo code HUGE you can claim a matched deposit bonus worth up to $1,000. Read our review for step-by-step instructions for redeeming the code and the T&Cs.