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Punter Transforms CA$20 into nearly CA$15,000 At Stake Sportsbook

12 Jan 2023
Jake McEvoy 12 Jan 2023
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  • Punter wins $14,743.73 from an 11-fold parlay to begin the new year in style.
  • The odds of this bet coming in was a staggering 737.19/1 with many of the selections sitting at above 2.00 individually.
  • The bet consisted of 11 selections from three different sports: NBA, NFL and NHL.
  • When Parlays Payout
  • So What Was The Bet?
  • Stake Sportsbook FAQs
We’ve all tried it, but very few of us have come out of the other end with quite a story to tell. Winning thousands from an accumulator bet is a dream for most, but for one more person this January, it has become a reality…

When Parlays Payout

Congratulations are in order at Stake, where one lucky player has had an admirable start to 2023.

One sports enthusiast - who clearly knows what they’re doing - decided to spend some of their Christmas money on a cheeky parlay, placing CA$20 on a bet that featured 11 selections with odds of 737.19/1.

The sweat on this one would have been intense” Tweeted Stake. Imagine how much the adrenaline was building as each result came in and the lucky bettor became closer and closer to discovering their fate. Just one loss and the whole bet goes down the drain.

Fortunately, victory was sweet for this Stake customer, who can now withdraw their winnings and treat themselves to a holiday of a lifetime - unless they’re looking to keep betting, of course.

Anything is possible at Stake, so register today using promo code HUGE for the bonus funds to get you started on your parlays.

So What Was The Bet?

Sometimes the outcomes of a match seem obvious. We log into our Stake accounts ready to see our winnings only to discover that Saudi Arabia have beaten Argentina and our parlays were one selection from winning.

In this bettors case, they likely tracked their bet every step of the way, watching as the results of the following matches came rolling in:

  • Dallas Stars v Florida Panthers - Dallas Stars & Over 5.5
  • Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Chargers - Denver Broncos (0.5)
  • San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals - Over 47.5
  • Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Rams - Los Angeles Rams (3.5)
  • Indiana Pacers v Charlotte Hornets - Indiana Pacers
  • UCLA Bruins v USC Trojans - UCLA Bruins
  • Memphis Grizzlies v Utah Jazz - Over 232.5
  • Penn State Nittany Lions v Purdue Boilermakers - Purdue Boilermakers & Over 134.5
  • Oklahoma City Thunder v Dallas Mavericks - Oklahoma City Thunder & Over 226.5
  • Philadelphia Flyers v Toronto Maple Leafs - Over 5.5
  • Anaheim Ducks v Boston Bruins - Boston Bruins & Over 5.5

Stake Sportsbook FAQs

What Is A Parlay Bet?

Parlay bets, otherwise known as accumulators, are when two or more selections are combined into a single wager and all selections have to win for the bet to payout.

Is There An Ideal Sport To Place Parlays On?

Parlays can be placed on all kinds of sports and sports markets, however some of the most popular sports for parlays are American football, soccer, basketball and hockey.

Is There A Stake Promo Code & What Will It Get Me?

The latest Stake promo code is HUGE, which will reward you with a 200% deposit bonus of up to $1,000 which could be used to place bets on parlays or whatever else you like.