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Plinko pays out more than $1.6 million to one lucky player

18 Oct 2022
Leon Travers 18 Oct 2022
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  • Max bet of $1000 draws a patient high roller with Plinko.
  • Lucky player is awarded more than $1.6 million after 2500 ball drops on Plinko.
  • Plinko remains a player favourite that is enjoyed by many around the world.
Plinko Big Win
  • Plinko player bags big wins 
  • Who is BGaming?  
  • Play Plinko today 
A lucky player at Gamdon Casino managed to grab a massive win of more than $1,6 million while playing Plinko by BGaming. Keep reading to find out more.

In the virtual world of online casino gaming, the unexpected is always to be expected. Crypto casinos are taking off, and provably fair games are becoming more popular by the day.  

For one Gamdom Casino player, a few rounds of Plinko led to a payout of over $1,600,000 after 2500 ball drops.  

Plinko player bags big wins 

Some believe that the big Plinko win could've been a fluke, but others are confident that patience led to rewards.  

One Gamdom player decided to sign in to their account and play a few rounds of Plinko. The popular game is simple, where you need to select your desired betting amount and risk level. From there, you drop the bubbling fuchsia ball from the top of the pyramid, and then you wait to see if there's a win in your future.  

For the player in question, the first try was not successful, as is the case for many. But patience is a virtue, and the player persisted. From there, the user opted for Gamdom's max bet of $1000, playing the game at 16 lines in high-risk mode. A bold move indeed! 

The outcome was filled with ups and downs, turning into a virtual gameshow you can't look away from. There was a mixed bundle of big wins and heavy losses. In between, the player also landed several smaller wins worth $26,000, $130,000, and $1,000,000 per ball drop. In total, the player bagged wins of over $1,6 million during the gaming session.  

Persistence and the bold move of turning up the betting dials turned into a smart move for this lucky player. There's no telling if it was a fluke, a stroke of luck, or genius, but one thing is for sure, this player is smiling all the way to the bank.  

Who is BGaming?  

Online casinos are home to a great range of games, but these games have to come from somewhere. The creators working behind the scenes are responsible for the gems that bring in the big wins. So, who is BGaming?  

BGaming is one of the fastest-growing iGaming content providers in the industry. They are operated by an expert team using a player-driven approach to creating innovative and engaging products.  

You can find their games and products on the most reputable platforms and at over 550+ online casinos worldwide. BGaming has an impressive portfolio of 80+ products featuring HD graphics and a clean user interface accessible across all devices.  

Play Plinko today 

Plinko is a highly entertaining casino game that players around the world enjoy. If you'd like to try the game for yourself, visit one of our recommended online such as  

You'll find top-quality customer service, exciting promotions, and only the best range of casino games waiting to be enjoyed.