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Stake Pays Out Over $2K on Correct Score Tennis Bet

07 Jun 2024
Leon Travers 07 Jun 2024
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  • How? Stake bettor makes outstanding correct score tennis bet at this year’s French Open
  • Bet amount of $20.33 at odds of 100.00 delivered a payout of $2,033.47
  • Why customers choose for tennis betting
  • Ace Tennis Bet is Outright Winner
  • Luck or Smart Betting?
  • Why Stake is Smashing for Tennis Bettors
Sometimes with sports betting, you just have to go with your gut feeling. Against the run of play, one bettor saw something others didn’t as he nailed a correct score bet.

Ace Tennis Bet is Outright Winner

I’ve written about several correct score soccer bets over the past few months, but this is the first one for tennis betting.

It happened at the 2024 French Open in the third-round match between Tomas Martin Etcheverry and Casper Ruud. 

Seventh seed Ruud, who reached the final in 2022 and 2023, took the first set 4 - 6. Given his strong performances on clay over the past few years, many may have expected Ruud to power on from here and secure a straight-sets victory.

However, one bettor had other ideas. Seeing the odds of 100.00 (European decimal), he decided to place a correct score bet of 6 - 1 to Etcheverry on the second set. Amazingly, the bet $20.33 bet won, giving a payout of $2,033.47.

Normal service resumed thereafter. Ruud went on to win the third set 2 - 6 and the fourth set by the same score. 

Luck or Smart Betting?

This wager has made me get my calculator out. At first glance, I thought it was pure luck, but upon deeper thought, I think this was a super smart bet.

Let’s break it down. When betting on the correct score for a single set of tennis, the outcomes are restricted by the rules of the game. Using Tomas Martin Etcheverry vs. Casper Ruud as an example. The only possible results are:

Tomas Martin Etcheverry wins
Casper Ruud wins
6 - 06 - 0
6 - 16 - 1
6 - 26 - 2
6 - 36 - 3
6 - 46 - 4
7 - 57 - 5
7 - 67 - 6

That is it. There are only fourteen (14) possible outcomes. Of course, the probability of each result is not the same, which is why Stake offered 100.00x on Etcheverry to win the set 6 - 1. 

However, with such generous prices, this was a gamble worth taking. Additionally, the strategy could have been to place single bets on each outcome. That way, any scores with odds greater than 14.00 would be an overall win.

Why Stake is Smashing for Tennis Bettors

Many ardent tennis bettors choose to use Aside from the fast and responsive betting platform, Stake is popular for several other reasons, including:

  • Stake has a plethora of tennis promotions on all the big tournaments, such as Final Set Tiebreaker Payout, Double Winnings, Bagel Finish Double Odds, and Take on the Favorite.

  • Live streaming is available on a huge number of events and matches throughout the year. This enhances the live betting experience because you can watch and bet simultaneously.

  • Stake has good depth to its tennis betting markets, as you can see from this correct set score bet. Although having loads of betting options can be overwhelming for new customers, it’s a good thing because there is a greater chance of finding value in the markets.

  • Competitive odds are also part of the package at this sportsbook. Furthermore, cash out is available on all in-play betting matches. So you can cut losses on bad beats or bank profits on a possible winner.