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Real-Time Player Count Feature Now Live at Stake.com

15 Dec 2023
Leon Travers 15 Dec 2023
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  • Stake is continuously striving to enhance its products to bring more trust and transparency to the online gambling industry
  • The real-time player counter displays the number of active players on Stake’s most popular casino games
  • Stake was among the pioneers of provably fair gaming, which many now regard as the benchmark for transparent gaming
  • Trust Through Transparency
  • An Industry First
  • Provably Fair
If you’ve visited Stake.com recently, you may have noticed active player counters have been added to its most popular games. This article takes a look at this new feature and why Stake believes it's an important milestone in trust and transparency.

Trust Through Transparency

In a recent LinkedIn Pulse article, Stake.com wrote about its newest platform feature - a real-time active player counter that has been integrated into its casino lobby.

Stake.com, which is owned and operated by Medium Rare B.V., readily admits that, in itself, a player counter is nothing groundbreaking from a technology perspective. However, its purpose focuses on further improving transparency within an industry that has continually struggled.

An Industry First

Stake Casino’s player counter is an industry first. No other brand offers such a feature for its RNG games. When you visit the lobby on the homepage, you can preview how many players are currently playing Stake Originals, Slots, Stake Exclusives, New Releases, and Game Shows.

Since 2017, when Stake was founded by Ed and Bijan, its mission has been to build player trust through transparency. This is highlighted by actively engaging with its customers on forums, social media, and weekly livestreams. Essentially, new features like the player counter are part of the brand’s evolution in this area.

Stake claims in its LinkedIn article that its real-time player count feature is a statement to all connected in the industry. It shows software providers how their games are performing alongside other studios. Also, it informs rival casinos of the number of active players Stake has.

Some have called this nothing but a ‘flex’, with Stake merely showing how powerful it is. While this is partly true, it indicates how confident the brand is in its products and the value proposition that it offers to players.

Provably Fair

Stake was also one of the first online casinos to introduce provably fair games under its Stake Originals label. The concept behind provably fair is that it allows players to verify the outcomes of the games they play.

In a nutshell, a game like Roulette has 37 possible outcomes. However, the RNG program has a string of 10,000,000 results from the 37 possibilities. With provably fair systems, each one of the 10 million results is given a seed number. 

Using cryptography, a seed number is chosen before the game. This is time-stamped on a blockchain. After the game, players can check that the outcome matches the seed result. Of course, the house still retains its edge, but players know the games are not rigged.

These are just some of the ways, Stake is innovating and building trust. This is a forward-thinking brand that continues to set the standard.