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Stake 25 Days Of Christmas

20 Dec 2023
Jake McEvoy 20 Dec 2023
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  • Get bonus drops, announcements and fantastic festive deals at Stake every day in the lead-up to Christmas.
  • Every day, you can check out Stake to discover which festive treats they have in store to boost your betting experience this Christmas.
  • Register using promo code HUGE and you can get your hands on all the bonus funds you need to make the most of these announcements.
25 days of christmas
Up until the 25th of December, Stake has its very own advent calendar consisting of new bonus drops and promotional announcements that you can use to make sure you have the best Christmas yet.

Stake 25 Days Of Christmas 2024

Stake is offering a festive period stuffed with bonuses thanks to daily drops and announcements that we trust will be particularly generous and full of Christmas cheer.

Each day, we’ll publish these drops and announcements right here, so you can get your daily update, absorb the information and head straight over to

If you don't yet have an account, you're going to need one, so head over to first and register now using the promo code.

Day 1 [December 1st]

As usual, Stake kicked off its 25 days of Christmas by delivering its coveted monthly bonus on the stroke of midnight. 

Many players, myself included, are always eager to snap up our monthly, which is wager-free cash delivered in the form of reload bonuses every day for five days.

Day 2 [December 2nd]

Today, it’s a straightforward cash drop. Simply drop your Stake ID and username into the thread on X, and Eddie will do his thing. 

There’s no mention of any amounts. My feeling is that Stake will run your user ID through its system to see how active you’ve been of late before deciding how much bonus to give out.

Day 3 [3rd December]

Today's Stake Christmas bonus can be found on its Telegram channel. It's a series of random bonus drops, so you'll need to be quick to claim them. 

There will be bonuses dropping all day, so don't miss out. All you have to do is download Telegram and join the Stake Official page. This bonus is only for .com users.

Day 4 [4th December]

Day 4 of Stake’s 25 Days of Christmas is the $20,000 Top Multiplier Giveaway, where 20 players will each win $1,000.

  • Casino: The ten players with the highest multipliers in the casino will each get $1,000.
  • Sports: The ten players with the highest betting odds on winning tickets will also get $1,000

Day 5 [5th December]

The fifth day of Stake’s Christmas bonuses is all about social competitions. It is running 12 separate competitions, with each one boasting a prize pool of $2,000, which is shared among ten random winners. 

All you have to do is leave a comment along with your Stake username and ID. Here are some examples of the social contests.

  • What is your favorite Christmas decoration? 
  • Comment with one person from the Stake Live chat that you would like to spend Christmas with.
  • What’s on your holiday agenda?
  • Use a GIF to show how excited you are for Christmas.

Day 6 [6th December]

Are you ready for a Day 6 slots challenge? Play Let It Snow (min. Bet of $0.20 or currency equivalent) and one player who hits a multiplier of 500x or more can choose a cash gift box, with prizes ranging from $50 - $500.

Day 7 [7th December]

Are you ready for some Stake bonus drops? Head over and join Stake’s Telegram channel for more information. Terms and conditions apply to these bonuses, such as the minimum amount wagered over the last seven days.

Day 8 [8th December]

Welcome to day 8 of Stake’s 25 days of Christmas. Today is more bonus drops. Once the tweet that Eddie posted gets 1,000 retweets, he will start dropping bonuses over on the Stake Telegram channel. 

Each drop is worth $5. However, you will need the unique bonus code to claim it.

Day 9 [9th December]

Eddie has been replaced by Steve for this week’s live Christmas stream. However, that’s not the bonus news. Stake has increased the prize pot for its $75K weekly raffle to $150,000 for the next three draws.

Moreover, you only need to wager $500 (usually $1,000) to get a ticket. Remember, the more you wager, the more tickets you collect, which gives you a better chance of winning. 30 tickets will be drawn each week, with each one winning $5,000 in cash.

Day 10 [10th December]

Day 10 of Stake’s Christmas bonus giveaway is all about money-can't-buy VIP experiences. Players need to stay tuned to Stake’s social media pages to see what’s on offer.

A quick update: the first VIP experience giveaway is $5,000 Stake Credit & Everton FC Experience for two people, including flights, accommodation, Everton match tickets, and a signed jersey. All you need to do to enter is comment on the tweet and give it a like and a retweet.

Day 11 [11th December]

It’s time for the post-monthly bonus. It seems like a long time ago when Stake distributed its popular wager-free monthly bonus (December 1). However, now you’re getting the post monthly.

This bonus is only available to active players who’ve made a deposit within the last three months. While the bonus amount is not as much as the regular monthly bonus, it’s still free cash to play with.

Day 12 [12th December]

What’s in the oven this year? One of today’s bonuses is tied to special Christmas recipes. Simply leave a comment with your recipe, and 10 random replies will win a share of $2,000 in credit, so let’s cook up something nice! 

Day 13 [13th December]

It’s raining, but no need for your umbrellas. As part of Stake’s Christmas bonus series, it has increased rain cash drops in the chat for the next 24 hours. No information is provided on the requirements or if the raindrops are random. However, it’s always good practice to be active.

Day 14 [14th December]

Keep ‘em coming is the cry for players in all corners of the globe. That’s right, Stake has another five bonus drops lined up for today. It’s the usual MO - head over and join its Telegram if you haven’t done so already. Full details on the TG channel.

Day 15th [15th December]

Bonus Drops, Bonus Drops, and more Bonus Drops!

Day 17 [17th December]

The day has arrived. No, it’s not Christmas just yet; it’s the Stake vs Drake livestream with $1,000,000 in random giveaways. This promotion is open to customers and Social Casino users.

Day 19 [19th December]

Time for more bonus drops. Stake has seven highly rewarding drops ready for today; however, you need to join its Telegram group to be in with a shout of getting a share.

Day 20 [20th December]

Only five more days to go, and Stake is forecasting rain, rain, and more rain. However, it isn’t rain outside that makes you wet and miserable; it’s raining cash in the platform chat. Stake has promised increased rain from now until Christmas, so go and say, ‘Hi’, and maybe you’ll be one of the lucky rain recipients.

Rolling Back the Clock - A Look at Last Year's Stake Christmas Bonuses

If you want a taste of what to expect in 2023, here's a reminder of last year's event.

Day 25 - $1 Million Christmas Race

It’s Christmas Day and Stake has saved the best for last.

Today, Stake has announced the $1,000,000 Christmas Race, which will see 5,000 players take home a generous share of the total prize pool.

Climb the leaderboard by placing wagers on sports bets and casino games over the next week for a chance of winning a share of this HUGE festive prize.

Merry Christmas!

Day 24 - Eddie’s 250K Christmas Stream

It’s Christmas Eve and time for another Eddie stream!

Watch Eddie’s stream today on Kick for a chance to win one of many valuable giveaways as part of the Stake 25 Days Of Christmas event.

Eddie’s stream can be found at Enjoy!

Day 23 - 6x Rain In All Chats

It’s not only the number of Bonus Drops that keeps increasing. Throughout this event, Stake has gradually increased the bonuses across the board. Today, it’s the chat room Rain that has been increased again, with 6x Rain programmed for all chat rooms!

Day 22 - 12x Daily Bonus Drops

Just two days ago, Stake announced that they would be increasing their Daily Drops to 9 each day until Christmas. Forget that already, as today they have again increased this number up to a total of 12 each day.

These Drops can be found on Stake's Telegram channel, which is:

This number has regularly been increased since the start of this 25 Days Of Christmas event and there’s every chance Stake will squeeze in another increase before the event comes to a close on Christmas Day.

Day 21 - 24x Twitter Giveaways

Today’s 25 Days Of Christmas announcement sees the Stake Twitter becoming a very busy place. Throughout the day, Stake will be conducting Twitter giveaways by asking questions for users to answer.

24x $2,000 Stake credit giveaways will take place throughout the day, so stay tuned and answer the questions the best you can!

Day 20 - 9x Daily Bonus Drops

Throughout this 25 Days Of Christmas event, Stake has been gradually increasing the number of daily Bonus Drops that registered customers can get hold of.

On Day 2 of this ongoing promotion, Stake announced that there would be three bonus drops every day until Christmas. On Day 9, this number increased to five, on Day 14 this number increased to seven, but now, players can expect 9 daily Bonus Drops up until the 25th of December - unless Stake increase this number again, of course.

These daily Bonus Drops can be found on the Stake Telegram channel:

Day 19 - 5x Rain In All Chat Rooms

Just four days after Stake announced 4x rain, the 25 Days Of Christmas event boosts that number again, upping the total to 5x rain in all chat rooms.

Day 14’s 7x Daily Drops can also be found over on the Stake Telegram channel, so make sure you grab one before they’re all taken!

Day 18 - World Cup Final

It’s the big day! Not the festive one, but the football one.

Place a bet on any FIFA World Cup Final market for a chance to win a share of a $100,000 prize pool. By betting on Argentina Vs France today, 100 lucky punters will each win $1,000 in Stake credit.

And don’t forget the 7x daily Bonus Drops that were announced on Day 14!

Day 17 - Stake x Drake Bonus Drop 1

Day 17 brings the first of the Stake x Drake bonus drops. To claim it, you will have had to have wagered at least $2,000 at Stake Casino in the previous 7 days. The value of the drop is $5 and the total drop limit is $50,000.

Simply go to your account settings, then to “Offers” and redeem code “drakexmaskickbonus2891xx5”. Enjoy!

Day 16 - 24x $2,000 Twitter Giveaways

Today, Stake Twitter will be asking a series of questions - 24, to be exact - throughout the day and the best answers will have $2,000 Stake credit added to their accounts.

Winners will be DM’d within 48 hours.

If you don’t have a Stake account, you’re going to need one to accept your prize, so register now using promo code HUGE.

Day 15 - 4x Rain In All Chat Rooms

Stake has programmed 4x the rain in all chat rooms on the fifteenth day of this event. That's one more per day than we've had since Day 5.

Seven Bonus Drops are also available to grab on their Telegram channel today:

Day 14 - 7x Bonus Drops Per Day

On Day 2, Stake announced that there would be 3x bonus drops each and every day up until Christmas Day. On Day 9, this number was increased to 5x daily bonus drops.

Now, the number of daily drops that can be found on the Stake Telegram channel ( has been boosted up to 7! Grab them while they’re hot.

Day 13 - 12 Days Of Hourly Reloads

In the form of a Post-Monthly, Stake is going to be offering Hourly Reloads for the next 12 days, leading right up to Christmas Day.

Don’t forget to check the Stake Telegram channel for even more bonus drops.

Day 12 - 12x Bonus Drops Today

On the twelfth day of Christmas, there will be 12 bonus drops for Stake players to get their hands on.

As usual, these drops will be drip-fed throughout the day on the official Stake Telegram channel, which can be found at

Day 11 - UFC282 bonuses

By betting on UFC282 markets on Day 11 of the Stake Christmas event, you are entered into a prize draw which will see 100 people win themselves $1,000 in Stake credit.

5 bonus drops can be found over on Stake’s Telegram channel as well, thanks to the 5x daily drops that were announced on Day 9 of the event.

Day 10 - Eddie’s 100K Xmas Stream

On Day 10 of the Stake 25 Days Of Christmas event, Eddie will be giving away a whole list of prizes throughout his stream, so tune in at 12:30pm and get involved.

These gifts will include 10x $5,000 Bonus Buys and much more.

Day 9 - 5x Daily Drops

From today, the 3x Daily Drops that were announced on Day 2 have been increased up to 5 - every single day.

To get your hands on these daily drops, head over to the Stake Telegram channel at and grab them before they’re all used up!

Day 8 - 24x Twitter Giveaways

The eighth day of the Stake 25 Days Of Christmas event brings 24 social media giveaways, which will be given away to Twitter users in particular.

Reply to the tweet with your answer to “What makes the best last-minute Christmas gift?” and Stake will give $2,000 in Stake credit to their favourite answers and retweets.

Day 7 - Kevin’s $100K Giveaway

On Day 7 of the Stake 25 Days Of Christmas event, you can get your hand on a share of a $100K Stake credit prize pool.

All you have to do is reply to the tweet with a video of you wishing Kevin a happy Christmas, followed by the #merryxmaskev hashtag and your Stake username.

Day 6 - 8x Bonus Drops Today

Been enjoying the 3x bonus drops every day since Day 2? Well, it’s about to get a whole lot better for the next 24 hours.

On Day 6, Stake is going to increase the 3x drops to 8x drops. Head over to the Stake Telegram channel to claim them as they’re released throughout the day

Day 5 - 3x Rain In All Chat Rooms

On the 5th day of this event, Stake has coded 3x the rain in all chat rooms. In addition, there are some bonus drops to claim on their Telegram:

Day 4 - 12x Social Media Giveaways

Stake will be conducting 12 separate $2,000 giveaways on social media for the fourth day of its 25 Days Of Christmas event.

All you have to do is answer “What’s the worst gift you’ve ever received for Christmas?” in the comments under their tweet. The users that reply with Stake’s favourite 8 answers will each receive $2,000 in Stake credit.

Day 3 - Eddie’s 100K Christmas Stream

Day three of the Stake 25 Days Of Christmas event brings a very special Stake Slots stream from Stake’s Eddie himself.

At 12:30pm GMT, Eddie will be going live at, where he will be giving away 10x $5,000 and many more gambling goodies for viewers to snap up for the festive period.

Day 2 - 3x Bonus Drops Every Day

Stake will be dropping three extra bonuses every day up until the 25th of December. To attain the codes for these drops, head over to the site’s Telegram channel at

Then, head over to your Stake account, then “Settings” -> “Offers” -> “Redeem”.

Bonuses are likely to change in value and will have varying previous wagering requirements. There will also be a cash limit on each of the bonus drops.

Day 1 - Monthly Bonus

Stake begins its 25 Days Of Christmas event with a bonus drop for all users. The amount you receive will depend on your previous 30 days of gameplay and your VIP level.

For your individual bonus details, check your registered email address for one from Stake that will detail this information.

Stake 25 Days Of Christmas Terms & Conditions

Other than the fact that we can expect this advent event to end on Christmas days, there are no terms and conditions that apply to each and every bonus as a whole.

Instead, you will need to check out the individual terms and conditions of each bonus that is announced to ensure you don’t disqualify yourself from any of these lucrative opportunities.

Stake 25 Days Of Christmas FAQs

What Time Is The Announcement For The Stake 25 Days Of Christmas Event?

Each new announcement in the Stake 25 Days Of Christmas event is made at 1:00am, so if you’re up late you can crack on, or if you’re up early you won’t have to wait around for it to drop.

When Does The Stake 25 Days Of Christmas Event Finish?

The final announcement for the Stake 25 Days Of Christmas event will be at 1:00am on Sunday the 25th of December. We’re sure that announcement will be the best of the bunch.

Does Stake Have A Promo Code?

If you’ve yet to register at, sign up today using promo code HUGE for the best start to your betting experience you could wish for.