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1,000,000x Limbo Max Win at Social Casino

15 Aug 2023
Leon Travers 15 Aug 2023
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  • Courageous player scoops 483 sweepstakes coins (Stake Cash) after max win on Limbo
  • Limbo’s 1000000x multiplier makes this one of the casino’s top games
  • Using provably fair technology, players can verify all results and payouts
  • Find out more about Stake Limbo and where you can play it
Limbo Max Win
  • Limbo Proves Fortune Favors the Brave
  • Limbo - Original and the Best
  • How to Play Stake Limbo in Three Easy Steps
  • Play Limbo with Free Stake Cash
Slotshooter22 took the one-in-a-million shot and scored. Playing the Stake Original game Limbo, he hit the 1 million multiplier Limbo max win for a 483.19 Stake Cash payout. Limbo Proves Fortune Favors the Brave

What separates Limbo from big jackpot slot games is that Limbo is all or nothing. For sure, you can play safe with 10x target multipliers. However, if you want the big wins, you need to put it all on the line.

That’s what a player who goes by the name Slotshooter22 did. He entered a target win multiplier of 1,000,000x. Any outcome lower than his target - even 999,999x - would be a loss. That’s how savage this game can be, despite the impressive RTP of 99.0%.

Clearly, Slotshooter22 had a strategy. His bet size was a mere 0.0004 SC. This gives him 2,500 game rounds for one whole SC. Therefore, he was set up to play thousands of games without breaking the bank.

Saying that I still admire the courage he had to go for it. Here’s a breakdown of the wager:

  • Game: Limbo (Stake Originals)
  • Bet: 0.0004 Stake Cash (SC)
  • Target Multiplier: 1,000,000x
  • Result Multiplier: 1,186,388.84x
  • Win/Payout: 483.19 Stake Cash (SC) Limbo - Original and the Best

Limbo is one of the most popular games in the Stake Originals collection. It has all the hallmarks of a top online gambling game in that it’s easy to learn and play, and the win potential is astronomical.

This means that you can jump straight in with no knowledge and still get maximum enjoyment. Moreover, players can bet tiny amounts and still win loads of coins, as Slotshooter22 has proven.


How to Play Stake Limbo in Three Easy Steps

  1. Log into Stake and select Limbo from the games lobby
  2. Once the game loads, enter your Bet Amount and Target Multiplier
  3. Click Bet

The outcome is displayed on the screen, with winning coins instantly credited to the player's balance.

Play Limbo with Free Stake Cash has one of the best Stake USA welcome bonuses on the internet. Sign up for a new player account using the links on this page and enter the promo code HUGE. This will get you 25 free Stake Cash and 250,000 gold coins.

The promo code is optional. However, players who don’t use it will only receive Stake’s regular login bonus, which is worth 1 SC and 10,000 GC. Both offers are no deposit, so it’s a straightforward choice. For more information on this top-rated social sweepstakes casino, visit our review.