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Bettor Hits Cash Out Before Ticket Loses - Gets $851K Payout

31 Jan 2024
Leon Travers 31 Jan 2024
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  • Amazing cash out by Stake.com customer yields a massive $851K payout
  • Bettor decided to cash out at the start of his last bet selection - Alcaraz to beat Zverev at the Australian Open tennis tournament
  • Zverev won 3 - 1 in sets
  • Had the bettor not cashed out, he would have lost his $74,925.08 stake
  • The Perfect Cash Out
  • A Closer Look at The Parlay
  • Would You Have Cashed Out?
Knowing if and when to cash out a wager is a decision all sports bettors face. Sometimes, you make the right call; other times, it goes horribly wrong. This article looks at one bettor who took a massive $851K cash out offer, and the ticket went on to crash.

The Perfect Cash Out

‘Never cash out!’ This is the mantra of many sports bettors. The reason is simple: bookmakers take an extra slice of the payout. Therefore, over the long term, it’s (often) more profitable for punters to let the bets run.

However, sometimes, as a bettor, you have an overwhelming feeling that a wager has to be cashed out. Clearly, something along these lines happened with this Stake.com customer yesterday.

Having lined up a six-leg parlay that included NBA basketball and Australian Open tennis bets, the bettor confidently laid down a stake of $74,925.08. All looked good as the first five selections won, and the ticket received the iconic green check marks. 

With one more selection to go, which was the banker bet (according to the prices on the ticket), the customer decided it was a good time to cash out. He accepted the offer of $851,908.16. Good fortune was on his side as the final leg of the parlay crumbled, making this one of the best cash outs I’ve ever seen.

A Closer Look at The Parlay

As mentioned, the parlay contained six selections (legs). These were evenly split between the NBA and Aussie Open as follows:

Indiana Pacers VS Denver NuggetsWinner (incl. OT) - Denver Nuggets2.65
Brooklyn Nets VS New York KnicksWinner (incl. OT) - New York Knicks1.70
Hubert Hurkacz VS Daniil Medvedev Winner - Daniil Medvedev1.41
Los Angeles Lakers VS Los Angeles ClippersWinner (incl. OT) - Los Angeles Clippers1.25
Anna Kalinskaya VS Zheng QinwenWinner - Zheng Qinwen1.56
Alexander Zverev VS Carlos AlcarazWinner - Carlos Alcaraz1.21

The total odds for the parlay were 14.987, which multiplied by the $74,925.08 stake, offered a huge payout of $1,122,951.77.

It’s unclear as to the precise moment this bettor hit cash out; however, I can make an educated guess. The parlay’s odds without the Zverev - Alcaraz selection were 12.39, whereas the cash out odds were 11.37. 

Of course, the bookmaker never offers the full odds on the cash out option, so I believe it was at the right at the start of the match when Zverev broke Alcaraz to take a 2 - 0 lead in the first set.

Looking at the numbers, it was an easy call to make. The bettor was risking a guaranteed $851K to win an extra $271K. If he lost, he was down $75K

  • Cash Out: $851,908.16
  • Alcaraz Win: $1,122,951.77
  • Zverev Win: - $74,925.08

Would You Have Cashed Out?

Hindsight makes it a worldly call, but what would you have done in this situation? It was only the previous round where Alcaraz looked near invincible, so even an early break of serve wouldn’t have been that great a concern. After all, this is a player who went toe-to-toe with Djokovic at last year’s Wimbledon and came out on top.

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