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$1,500,000 Sensational Plinko Max Win at Stake.com

13 Nov 2023
Leon Travers 13 Nov 2023
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  • Streamer Los (from LosPollosTV) wins $1,500,000 on the Stake Original, Plinko
  • This is the third biggest Plinko win of 2023 at Stake.com Casino
  • Los was playing with Bitcoin, so the payout was 43.62 BTC
  • Get your new player Bitcoin bonus worth up to 3,000 USD
  • Silence is Golden as Los Hits ‘Unbelievable’ $1.5M Plinko Max Win
  • It Could Happen to You
  • Third Biggest Plinko Win of 2023
  • The Allure of Plinko
Plinko is one of the simplest games at Stake Casino while also being one of the most exciting, as you can see from Los’s reaction to his $1.5M Plinko max win.

Silence is Golden as Los Hits ‘Unbelievable’ $1.5M Plinko Max Win

“Bro just dropped a sportscar,” was a comment from one viewer on LosPollosTV’s live stream as Los released twenty Plinko balls at a cost of $1,500 each.

However, the gamble was about to pay off as one of the balls flitted down the edge of the Stake Originals Plinko triangle. Waiting at the bottom was a 1,000x slot - the Holy Grail of this iconic game. 

The split-second suspense of will it? Or won’t it? was broken by Los’s yell of ‘Oh, my God!’ Just like that, Los had won $1,500,000, with the payout instantly credited to his balance for all to see. 

Los’s stream went dead quiet for some seconds after. He then appeared back on camera, his mouth gaped open with a look of total disbelief on his face.

It Could Happen to You

With the jackpot payout on Plinko standing at 1,000x, several players each day have the same feeling as Los, and you could be one of them. Our Stake.com promo code for Bitcoin players is worth 200% up to $3,000 on your first deposit. 

If you choose to claim the full bonus amount, here are some permutations on how you can use it on Plinko:

Number of Balls
Cost per Ball
1,000x Max Win Payout

Third Biggest Plinko Win of 2023

LosPollosTV’s $1.5M Plinko max win is the biggest we’ve seen on a live stream, but it still only ranks in third place on the biggest Stake Casino Plinko wins for 2023. Here are the top two:

  • 1st Place: On September 24, a Stake player (identity set to ‘hidden’) wagered 1.88069993 ETH. On this day, one Ethereum was trading around $1,600, so the total bet in USD was $3,009.11. The player hit a 1,000x max win for a payout of more than $3,000,000.

  • 2nd place: On September 13 (obviously a lucky month), a player bet 4,000 USDT ($4,000). They landed a 620x multiplier for a stunning payout of $2.48 million.

Plinko Big Wins

The Allure of Plinko

Compared with modern video slots, the 1,000x (your bet) max win on Plinko is nothing special. However, this game hits differently. For me, it’s because you can follow the balls down the Plinko wall, so you get to see the build-up, which adds to the excitement.

Stake’s variant of Plinko is provably fair. This gives players the option to verify the results to ensure all is fair and just. It has three ‘Risk’ levels - low, medium, and high. Additionally, you can choose to play with between 8 and 16 rows. 

Making adjustments between these risk levels and the number of rows changes how many multiplier slots are at the bottom and what value they are.

To hit a 1,000x max win, you need to play on risk level ‘High’ with 16 rows. At the other end of the spectrum, if you play on low risk with only eight rows, the maximum multiplier is reduced to 5.6x. Having control over these settings means players can enjoy Plinko with a variance level that suits their strategy.