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Rare $1.2M Max Win on Zeus vs Hades in Olympus Mode

13 Nov 2023
Leon Travers 13 Nov 2023
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  • Pragmatic Play’s super slot, Zeus vs Hades, drops another bomb with a 15,000x max win
  • Freddy from ClassyBeef was the player in the hot seat for this latest mega win
  • The bonus round stopped on the 8th free spin as the max win limit had already been hit
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  • Freddy Hits Rare Olympus Mode Max Win
  • Olympus Max Win - How it Happened
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Big wins at Stake Casino on Zeus vs Hades: Gods of War have become common. However, this max win is a little different from the others.

Freddy Hits Rare Olympus Mode Max Win

This is the second big win article of the week centered around the super slot - Zeus vs Hades: Gods of Wars. Yet, while the other payout, a $1.55M win for Roshtein, happened in Hades mode, this one came from Olympus mode, which is far rarer.

If you’re unfamiliar with Pragmatic Play’s Zeus vs Hades: Gods of War video slot, it has two modes of play.

  • Olympus Mode: Featuring the Greek God Zeus, this mode is the less volatile of the two. Pragmatic states that players are more likely to trigger the free spins feature, but the average payouts are smaller.

  • Hades Mode: The God of the Underworld, Hades, is the star of this mode. It is rated as ‘very volatile’. Opposite to Olympus mode, Hades free spins are harder to come by, but the payouts are typically larger. 

As most giant payouts come in Hades mode, this win by ClassyBeef’s Freddy is worth talking about. 


Olympus Max Win - How it Happened

The clip from the live stream that Stake posted on X picks up the action on the 4th of 10 free spins in Olympus mode. 

At this point, the slot was showing a full-reel wild with a 3x multiplier on the 1st reel, a full-reel wild with a 6x multiplier on the 3rd reel, and a full-reel wild, which had just landed with a 5x multiplier on the 4th reel. After four spins, the total win stood at $74,064.00

On the fifth free spin, another full-reel wild appeared. This one was on the 2nd reel, and it had a multiplier of 2x, which produced a payout of $192,000.00. Now, with four full reels, the next spin won $230,000.00.

On the seventh spin, another full-reel wild symbol landed on the last remaining wheel. It had a 2x multiplier, and the win was an incredible $432,000.00. The 8th spin payout stopped at $271,000.00 because Freddy had hit the 15,000x max win limit. His total win was $1.2M, an excellent return for an $80 spin.

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