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Stake NFL Live Streaming

03 Nov 2022
Elle Brunton 03 Nov 2022
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  • Use the Stake live stream feature to catch the latest NFL action at your fingertips
  • Watch your favorite team in real time all season long
  • Track your bet every minute of the game
Stake NFL Live Streaming
  • How to use Stake NFL live stream
  • Is the live stream option available in my location?
  • Can I live stream other sports?
  • Conclusion
As the NFL season unfolds, Stake is helping you get a taste of the thrills and intrigues through the live stream tool. Catch all the NFL action, make better betting decisions and follow your winnings as the game unfolds

Nothing is as exciting as being able to watch your favorites sports live and monitor your wager in real time. With Stake, you can decide the team to back or the the market to bet on while live streaming different NFL games.

When you register and use the promo code HUGE, you will be able enjoy all the NFL action through the live feed option. 

How to use Stake NFL live stream

Go to NFL Live Stream

  • Click on NFL live stream in the promo section of the page

Select game

  • Go through the list of games available and pick the one you would like to stream or bet on. If it is available in your region, you will be able to catch the action live 

If you choose to bet on any of the games, you can pick from any of the following markets;

  • Totals
  • Handicap
  • Winner

Is the live stream option available in my location?

As a new or existing user, you can access live NFL games without any hassle. However, you will need to check through the list of countries to confirm if the live stream feature is available in your current location.

Can I live stream other sports?

Yes! Stake brings a new dimension to betting by letting you watch real time action from a range of sports.  Apart from the NFL, you can enjoy some live action on games under the following sports;
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Table tennis


With Stake, sports betting is more exciting when you get to be a part of the NFL action giving you the opportunity to make informed decision on your bet.