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Nail-Biting $250K Mines Win by Stake Streamers

15 May 2024
Leon Travers 15 May 2024
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  • Jonte and Georgi from ClassyBeef earn their minesweeper badges by clearing the board
  • They wagered $10,000 with 1 Mine - after finding 24 diamonds, the payout was $247,500.00
  • Stake Originals Mines has the highest max payout of all casino games, excluding progressive jackpots
  • Play Mines with a new player first deposit bonus at
  • A Truly Classy $250K Mines Win
  • Mines & The 5 Million Multiplier
  • Sweep the Mines with a New Player Bonus
Few games put the nerves on edge like Mines, particularly when a quarter of a million dollars is riding on the final pick.

A Truly Classy $250K Mines Win

With players making the decisions on which squares to choose, Mines is a true test of nerves and mettle.

During a recent live stream with the ClassyBeef boys, Jonte and Georgi, it was Mines that delivered the highlight of the night’s entertainment.

Jonte was at the controls. He typed in a bet amount of $10,000 and selected 1 Mine. Without wasting any time, Jonte whizzed around the board, finding 21 of the possible 24 diamonds.

At this point, ClassyBeef could’ve taken a payout of 6.19x, but he decided to continue. Another click and another diamond. The win multiplier was now at 8.25x. All that remains on the board are two hidden diamonds and the bomb.

After chatting with Georgi, the boys click on another square to unearth the 23rd diamond. The payout is now $123,800.00. One click to go - it’s going to be $247,500.00 or nothing. 

The choice is made after a tension-filled few seconds, and the ClassyBeef crew are a quarter of a million dollars better off. Check out the video shared on X below.

Mines & The 5 Million Multiplier

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Mines is my favorite Stake Originals game. Like all the best casino gambling games, Mines is delightfully simple; however, it delivers tension and excitement by the bucket load.

Stake Mines is loosely themed on the old Minesweepser board game. The game board has 25 squares in a 5x5 formation. Before starting, players select how many Mines (1 - 24) they want on the board. The win multipliers depend on how many Mines are present. Additionally, players can cash out after a correct pick. You don’t have to complete the whole board.

These are some of the multipliers you can win if you find all available diamonds without hitting a Mine:

Number of Mines
Number of Diamonds
Max Multiplier

You’ve read that right; the maximum win on Stake Mines is over five million times your bet amount. Therefore, a $10 bet would return a payout in excess of $50 million dollars.

Sweep the Mines with a New Player Bonus

Something I find appealing with Mines, in addition to the massive win potential, is that you get great value for your money. Not only is the RTP a rock-solid 99.0%, but the game rounds last considerably longer than slots.

Furthermore, because you can win 5M times your bet, you can play with pennies and still win thousands. For players who have never tried this Stake Originals classic, now is the right time.

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