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$1.8M Live Blackjack Win at Stake Casino for Roshtein

26 Oct 2023
Leon Travers 26 Oct 2023
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  • In a change from slots, Roshtein’s latest big win came on the Salon Prive live blackjack tables at Stake Casino
  • Playing multi-hand, he stood on every hand and waited anxiously as the dealer busted out
  • Roshtein also landed a ‘perfect’ perfect pairs side bet to boost the payout
  • Start your Stake adventure with a 200% matched deposit welcome bonus
  • Roshtein Hits the Felt for His Latest Million+ Win
  • Enjoy Blackjack with a Generous Welcome Bonus
A change of pace for this latest big win. Star streamer Roshtein took time out from playing slot games to hit a mega $1.8M live blackjack win at the world’s leading crypto casino -

Roshtein Hits the Felt for His Latest Million+ Win

I have covered dozens of big wins at Stake Casino over the past 12 months, but this is the first time I’ve written about blackjack.

Breaking away from the norm of playing video slots, popular casino streamer, Roshtein jumped on the private Salon Prive live blackjack tables at

These are 7-seat tables, and Roshtein was playing all positions. Furthermore, he was at the table limit of $100,000 a hand, in addition to placing side bets on perfect pairs.

The video picks up the action halfway through the game. Here’s what’s on the table:

  • Hand 1: J-8 = a total of 18
  • Hand 2: 7-7, which was split to create 7-7 (a total of 14) and 7-9 (a total of 16)
  • Hand 3: 5-8 = a total of 13
  • Hand 4: J-3 = a total of 13
  • Hand 5: 10-4 = a total of 14
  • Hand 6: Q-10 = a total of 20
  • Hand 7: 9-6 = a total of 15
  • The dealer’s up card is a 5

At this point, Roshtein is deciding what to do. Obviously, standing on 18 and 20 (hands 1 and 6) is an easy choice. However, the other six active hands are all below the magical 17, which is what the house stands on. 

The dilemma is that the dealer’s up card is only a 5. This means that he has to draw at least two more cards, which increases the chances of a bustout.

Finally, Roshtein chooses to stand on all hands, a bold decision when two of them have totals of 13 and two have totals of 14. The dealer now acts.

With a 5 showing, the dealer flips over the other hole card to reveal an ace (A). This means he holds soft 16 or 6. Because the rules state he can only stand on 17 or above, he draws again - it’s a Queen (Q), so the total remains at 16. 

Another card is drawn, and it’s 6. After a slight pause, Roshtein realizes 6 + 16 = 22 - the dealer has busted out.

The total win (including the initial bet amount) was $1,808,000.00, which highlights that fortune often does follow the brave.

Enjoy Blackjack with a Generous Welcome Bonus

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the casino. Moreover, it has an incredibly low house edge, so experienced players get plenty of value at these tables.

Roshtein was playing live blackjack; however, Stake Casino also has RNG variants from third-party providers as well as Stake Originals Blackjack.

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It’s worth noting that this offer is only available if you use the links on this website and redeem the promo code (HUGE). Stake doesn’t offer a regular welcome bonus to players who access its platform through other channels.

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