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Player Picks Up $424K Dice Win From $300 Bet

15 May 2024
Leon Travers 15 May 2024
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  • player wagers $300 on Dice and wins $424,285.71
  • The high-risk bet was on the roll being over 99.93
  • This is the second win in as many days on Stake Original games, with ClassyBeef winning $250K on Mines yesterday
  • Dice remains one of the most popular games at Stake Casino - here’s how to start playing
  • High-Risk Wager Pays Off With $424K Dice Win
  • Introducing Stake Originals Dice
  • Roll the Dice with a New Player Welcome Bonus
Dice is among the most-played games at Casino, and this special $424K win is one of the main reasons why.

High-Risk Wager Pays Off With $424K Dice Win

Stake Originals Dice is no stranger to my big-win articles, and it’s back in the headlines again. As is often the case with Dice, it is the high-risk, high-reward plays that make the news, and this win is no exception.

Following yesterday’s splendid $250K Mines win, it was time for Dice to take center stage. An unknown player wagered $300 on Over 99.93. The probability of this bet winning is only 0.07%, so putting down three hundred bucks leads me to think that the player is a serious high roller.

That said, the big gamble paid off. The outcome was 99.99, resulting in a 1,419.29x multiplier (for Over 99.93) on the $300. Thus, a payout of $424,285.71.

Introducing Stake Originals Dice

Stake Dice is part of the ‘Originals’ collection. These games have been developed in-house by Stake’s own team. Moreover, they use provably fair algorithms, so players can check the results of each game and change the seed, too.

The real-time player count feature tells us that Stake Originals Dice is constantly among the most played games at this casino. These are some of the reasons why:

  • Easy to Play: Simply adjust the slider or manually enter the win multiplier you want to hit. Then, choose Under or Over. The Win Chance is highlighted so you know the odds. It’s that easy to play.

  • High RTP: The RTP (return to player) is 99.00%. That means, on average, the game pays out $99 for every $100 put in.

  • Win Multipliers: The win multipliers range from 1.012x - 9,900x. This means you can set the risk level to where you want. Go for frequent wins with low multipliers, or be like this player and take a chance on some high-risk plays.

  • Bet Limits: Stake accepts bets of less than 1c up to thousands of dollars. Whatever your bankroll, Stake can accommodate your gaming needs.

  • Betting Systems: Dice is the perfect game for players who enjoy using betting systems, such as Martingale and Paroli. Moreover, some systems can be more effective on Dice compared to Roulette because the RTP is higher.

Roll the Dice with a New Player Welcome Bonus

If there is one small drawback with Stake Originals Dice, it is that you cannot play it in demo mode. However, there’s no need to fret.

New players who register at and use the promo code HUGE in the process are eligible to claim an eye-catching 200% up to $3,000 welcome bonus. This offer gives you plenty of bonus money to start playing Dice with. Terms and conditions apply, such as country exclusions and wagering requirements.