Trainwrecks Announces Hourly Pay On Kick Streaming Platform

27 Jan 2023
Jake McEvoy 27 Jan 2023
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  • After particular casino brands like Stake were banned from Twitch, TrainwrecksTV set out to develop his own platform.
  • This platform looks to offer streamers a much better deal than what is being offered at competitor platforms.
  • The latest announcement is that streamers will receive hourly pay in addition to subscriber and ad revenues.
  • Kick Streamers To Receive Hourly Pay
  • How Does It Work?
  • When Will Streamers Be Paid?
  • What Is Kick?
  • FAQs
In addition to receiving 95% of subscriber revenue, 100% of direct donations and a fair share of the ad revenue generated, Kick has announced their plans to offer an hourly wage to streamers of all sizes.

Kick Streamers To Receive Hourly Pay

Unless you're one of the biggest names on Twitch, your streaming hours aren't paying off. The platform favours a select few broadcasters with massive paid contracts, largely ignoring independent and mid-sized creators.

In order to make ends meet, small and medium-sized content providers on Twitch must rely on an unjust subscription income split and limited advertising opportunities.

However, that's all about to change, thanks to the efforts of Trainwrecks and Kick, who have developed a programme that takes the money that would typically be spent on acquiring the biggest streamers and divides it up among all streamers to produce an hourly wage.

How Does It Work?

Similar to Twitch YouTube Gaming, Kick could spend millions purchasing just the biggest broadcasters, but instead, they've decided to spread the love around and support all producers.

For to make a profit, it has teamed up with advertisers and developed the Creator Program. Before that is ready, though, they will utilise the funds that could have been spent on acquiring major creators to invest in smaller ones.

While they wait to expand their advertising campaign, that's how they'll pay for the creator programme.

The formula will take into account a number of variables to determine a streamer’s payout, including a flat rate per hour based on your average viewer count, as well as your viewer demographic and engagement numbers.

It doesn't matter how many people actually watch your stream; if you have a verified brand and are acting ethically and lawfully, you can join the Creator Program.

When Will Streamers Be Paid?

While Kick would want to open up the Creator Program to all users, they have said that they must first remove false accounts, viewbot abusers, and other forms of misconduct before doing so. This is why the first Creator Program applications will be reviewed and approved by hand.

Once a streamer has been verified as legitimate, they will be eligible to receive the revenues they generate and can choose between a monthly payment date via Stripe or cashing out in Bitcoin or Ethereum as soon as a stream has ended.

What Is Kick?

As briefly mentioned, is a new streaming platform that was developed by a team under Trainwrecks, who was unhappy with Twitch after it banned gambling with services like Stake on its platform.

The idea of Kick is to put streamers in control of what they want to stream (to a degree) and reward them for their streaming efforts better than competitor platforms do. Streamers on Kick receive a massively greater share of subscriber revenue (95%), 100% of their direct tips and now an hourly wage.

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How Much Do Kick Streamers Get Paid Per Hour?

All Kick streamers will be paid depending on the number of hours they stream, the number of viewers they have, their viewer demographic and their viewer engagement.

Can I Stream Stake on Kick?

At, streamers can stream their casino and sports betting experiences from Stake or any other online casino site.

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