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    Popular Streamers

    Popular Streamers

    Stake casino streamers are renowned for placing massive bets. Check out some of the biggest personalities currently spinning the reels.

    • What is a Stake streamer?
    • Why Stake streamers are must-watch TV
    • The best Stake streamers 
    • Your questions answered about Stake streamers

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    • Stake Streamers
    • Why Watch Stake Streamers?
    • Best Stake Streamers
    • TrainwrecksTV
    • xQc
    • Adin Ross
    • Roshtein
    • Drake
    • ClassyBeef
    • Xposed
    • NELK Boys
    • SteveWillSendIt
    • Syztmz
    • Frank Dimes
    • DeuceAce
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    Stake Streamers

    There is much more to than promo codes, casino gaming, and sports betting. To immerse yourself in the full experience, you need to check out the most popular streamers.

    A Stake streamer is someone who broadcasts themselves via a live streaming service, such as Twitch. They play casino games, share sports predictions and tips, and everything else that's related to the world’s number one crypto gambling site.

    Why Watch Stake Streamers?

    Both online gambling and streaming are forms of entertainment, which creates a recipe for fun. Stake streamers are usually experienced players with great personalities. Furthermore, when enjoying a casino stream, the stakes are often high - very high! 

    If you’re yet to experience a Stake streamer in action, you’re missing out. It’s like being in a casino and being drawn to the craps or roulette tables when a player is on fire and betting big. 

    Also, new players can learn a lot from the top streamers. These gamblers know how to bet, so you can pick up some top tips and tricks that you probably didn’t know before.

    Best Stake Streamers

    Who is the best streamer is open for debate. Everyone has their personal favorites for one reason or another. There are a variety of energetic characters within the live stream community. 

    These range from famous hip-hop stars like Drake to the former Call of Duty fanatic TrainwrecksTV and the king of Twitch - xQc. Let’s dive a little deeper into some of the most popular names to keep an eye open for:


    Many people call Tyler Niknam - a.k.a. TrainwrecksTV - the face of Stake. For some time now, he has been sponsored by the gambling site, but he also bets raw, which means he is playing with his own money.

    It’s not unusual to see Trainwrecks playing slots like Starz or the Hand of Midas for $1,000+ per spin. When betting such massive amounts, his wins can also be enormous. To date, Trainwrecks' biggest payout from Stake Casino is $22,500,000 on Pragmatic Play’s Might of Ra.


    Felix Lengyel, better known as xQc, has more than 10 million followers on Twitch. Now, the former Overwatch pro has expanded into live gambling streams. Like TrainwrecksTV, xQc is also sponsored by Stake.

    After an article published in Bloomberg, xQc revealed to his followers that he had wagered around $700 million on Stake, which is an insane amount. He is also known for playing high-stakes games. So we believe his max win is similar to Trainwrecks, although he hasn’t publicly told anyone what it is.

    Adin Ross

    Adin Ross is another Stake-sponsored streamer. He has a deal that’s reportedly worth around $1 million a week. Ross made his name via live streams of Grand Thief Auto and other games.

    Currently, Ross has been hit with an indefinite ban from Twitch for hateful conduct, although details are sparse as to the specifics of the incident in question. Still, he remains one of the most popular names in the Stake camp, and he’s very active on social media and other public messenger platforms.


    Born in Sweden, Roshtein is a fan favorite with his high-roller gambling streams. In the last few years, he’s made his casino of choice, and you can watch him playing slots and other games nearly every day.

    Roshtein, whose real name is Ishmael Schwartz, has a biggest win of $18,750,000. He got this playing Wanted - Dead or a Wild. However, he has several other 8-figure payouts to his name, which is why he is one of the most watchable streamers around.


    Hip-hop superstar Drake deserves a mention, although he is not a prolific streamer. As a huge fan of this cryptocurrency gambling platform, Drake and Stake have now formed a collaborative partnership.

    No doubt, this will lead to the musician doing a few more live streams with Stake. However, unlike most streamers, Drake isn’t a massive slots player. He prefers high-limit roulette tables and sports betting - both of which Stake offers in abundance.



    Classybeef, unlike most Stake streamers, is a team of players that combine their skill, knowledge and entertainment value in order to maximise profits and fun.

    The team of seven, which originated as just a duo, come from all over Europe but now congregate in Malta, which is known as somewhat of a gambling hub in Europe.

    You’ll usually discover this group playing popular slots games at Stake where they often incorporate their own competitive element and face each other in a battle for who can make the most money in a set time period.


    While many Stake streamers began their careers playing various video games before being approached with gambling sponsorships, Xposed began the process with his own money and still uses exactly that to this day.

    Xposed is often referred to as the guy that won $4.7 million on a single spin while Adin Ross was watching him live on stream, but it’s hard to argue with the fact that he is still certainly a self-made success.

    No matter what kind of casino gaming you’re into watching, you’ll likely find Xposed playing it at some point within the Stake online casino section.

    NELK Boys

    The NELK Boys have been known for a number of years across social media platforms as a group that performed daring pranks on family, friends and the general public.

    Many people also know them by their motto and merch “Full Send”, where “send it” is used as a term to show they’re going all in.

    This is certainly a motto they live by now that they’re gambling with Stake, as they’re known for their high roller style which results in big wins and big losses.


    SteveWillSendIt is an entertainer at heart, having evolved from his days in the NELK Boys into a Stake streamer. While this may seem like a relaxed step-down, it’s anything but, as this particular Stake streamer provides a high-roller, high-intensity gambling experience for those watching.

    He may be no stranger to slots games, but you’ll usually find him making the most of live interactions in Stake’s “Live Dealer” section. Without creating an awkward or tense atmosphere, he does a great job of bringing his brand of entertainment to the room, joking with the live dealers while he plays.


    Born in Australia and now living in Canada, Syztmz is an honest gambler that wears his heart on his sleeve. When it comes to being sure which Stake streamers are using their own money and not sponsorship funds, the emotions on display during a Syztmz stream are undeniably organic.

    You’ll notice many of his Dlive clips feature growing disappointment at the slots games he is playing, before the pattern of play turns around and the multipliers start to (seemingly infinitely) roll in. When the money arrives, so does the explosive energy - there aren’t many people out there more fun to watch when the celebrations ensue.

    Frank Dimes

    Frank seems to do the impossible, providing such as calm and collected environment while simultaneously not causing a shock with his explosive celebrations.

    If you enjoy watching Stake streamers play the most popular games from the most renowned game developers while consistently interacting with chat, Frank Dimes could be the newest streamer on your Kick followed list.


    If you’re already a fan of Roshtein or Frank Dimes then there is a good chance you’ve already witnessed DeuceAce on one of their streams. We can’t stress enough how much this is far from a case of being carried by an established streamer, though.

    Jay and Adam are natural entertainers that have found the perfect industry to showcase their talents. Combining their energy with the thrill of slots and table games at Stake, they create the ultimate content for people that enjoy watching a genuine casino experience. Streamers - FAQ

    Can anyone be a streamer?

    The simple answer is yes. Essentially, all you need is a good computer, a webcam, and streaming software. Then, you can create your own channel on Twitch and start streaming.

    While it’s easy to get started, it’s more difficult to build up a large and loyal following, but if your content is good, like-minded enthusiasts will eventually find you.

    How much does Stake pay Trainwrecks?

    Tyler ‘Trainwreckstv’ Niknam’s original deal with Stake was for $1,000,000 a month. However, he revealed in early 2022 that it’s much more than that amount now. Of course, only Trainwrecks and Stake know the ins and outs, but he’s probably generating a sizeable income from affiliate links.

    That doesn’t mean Niknam is in profit. He has openly stated that he’s lost millions of dollars through gambling.

    Are there any fake Stake streamers?

    Several streamers reveal their deposits and withdrawals to prove they are legit; however, some refuse to do so. One of them is Roshtein, who has been called out a few times by others in the Stake community. 

    Once, he was playing Gonzo’s Quest during a stream when a viewer asked if he could explain ‘demo mode’. After a big win on Gonzo’s Quest, he opened a different game in demo mode to explain it to his viewer. 

    However, his account balance was the same, which it shouldn’t have been. He quickly closed the game and appeared awkwardly lost for words as people in the chat began to question what had happened.

    Who is the best streamer on Twitch?

    Best is subjective. Overall, there are many great Stake streamers, including Trainwrecks and xQc. However, it depends on the type of content you like as to which streamer is the best.