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    A peculiar name for a peculiar setup, ClassyBeef offer something a bit different to the standard Stake streamer.

    ClassyBeef is a team of seven, and although they did start off as a duo, it wasn’t until they gathered the troops that their rise to second place in Twitch’s gambling category began.

    A squad that has come from all over Europe, ClassyBeef are now based in Malta, which those of you with some knowledge of the gambling industry will know is somewhat of a hotspot when it comes to headquarters and licensing.

    We don’t know too much about these guys outside of that they make public knowledge, which is no more than their forenames and what they’re all about as a team and as gambling industry experts.

    They certainly aren’t the highest rollers, and while $100 bets may seem a little steep to us average gamblers, it’s fairly modest as far as some of the top streamers and gamblers go.

    ClassyBeef Info

    Real name(s):Espen, Joe, Biggo, Jonte, Georgi, Fredde & Max.
    Twitch followers:268K
    YouTube subscribers:35K
    Streaming Platform:Kick
    Preferred casino:Stake Casino

    ClassyBeef Streaming Platform

    Like most popular streamers, ClassyBeef began their venture on Twitch, which seems to be the biggest platform for being able to launch such a career.

    Following the banning of gambling on Twitch, many streamers moved to alternative platforms in order to continue providing the content they were known to provide. This is especially the case for streamers who only ever stream gambling content.

    ClassyBeef falls into this category of streamer and as soon as Twitch announced that they would no longer be supporting gambling streams, they decided to switch to Dlive, who, quite honestly, were thrown a bone by Twitch’s announcement.

    Dlive was launched in 2017 and bought by BitTorrent in 2019. When it first made an appearance, it promised to provide a bigger cut for streamers than they were getting from their contracts at Twitch, YouTube or Mixer. However, the platform didn’t manage to convince the bigger streamers away from the already established platforms and became just another option for smaller streamers to try and grow their communities.

    Following Twitch’s announcement, Dlive reminded the world of their existence with a statement that promised to allow gambling on their platform, with the streamers themselves setting the rules for their own stream as opposed to being told what to do by their platforms.

    Kick Update:

    Since the introduction of the new streaming platform called Kick, which has TrainwrecksTV as its adviser and non-exclusive streamer, many streamers that were left stranded by Twitch have signed up and continued their usual Stake streaming activities.

    ClassyBeef already has over 10,000 followers on Kick, where the entertainment now continues following the ban of casino gambling by their former platform, Twitch.

    ClassyBeef Stake Games

    Like the majority of users of online casinos, ClassyBeef has a clear affinity for slots. A lot of the time, high-volatility ones are chosen for the added thrills, particularly when there are several multipliers available.

    This doesn't mean that they're strangers to table games, though, as they can also often be seen in Stake's live dealer section and at the roulette tables in particular.

    In addition to the standard, regular casino gaming content you would expect to see, the team has a unique segment to their show called "Beef Battles" where they see who can win the most money over a set period of time.

    Play these games and more just like them at after signing up using promo code HUGE.

    ClassyBeef Alternative Games

    ClassyBeef, unlike many other top streamers, exclusively stream casino games which they play at Stake online casino. They don’t play any other games on stream like xQc, TrainwrecksTV and many other streamers do.

    If you tune into their live stream at Dlive, they will only ever be spinning reels or setting down at a live dealer table in a lively, entertaining atmosphere provided by themselves and Stake Casino.

    ClassyBeef Socials

    Many top streamers make a point of using their social media to get on a slightly more personal level with their fans.

    ClassyBeef is fairly active on social media, however it is mostly stream and business promotion and not much of their personal lives, which many people like to see more of with their streamers - not in a weird way, but in a “let’s see more than we would maybe see on stream” kind of way.

    ClassyBeef is active on Twitter and Instagram. There is a TikTok channel that could well be them, but there’s not much activity and no verification.

    • Twitter:
    • Instagram:

    Is ClassyBeef Fake?

    ClassyBeef partakes in a live, legitimate and very much real casino experience when they are streaming Stake slots on Dlive’s streaming platform.

    They gamble with their own money and everything you see happening is genuine, from the wins to the losses and the thrills to the disappointments. 

    Summary Of ClassyBeef

    ClassyBeef offers something a bit different to most other Stake streamers, with the whole team providing constant energy for a show that just never seems to tire.

    If you were familiar with the streamer on Twitch and weren’t aware that they’d relocated to Dlive, or even if you’re only just discovering them now, we urge you to check them out on the new platform, as the content itself is just as good as it always was.

    ClassyBeef FAQs

    Where Does ClassyBeef Gamble?

    Whether you’re watching them stream live or you’re stumbling across their clips, you’ll notice that all of the gambling action that ClassBeef are involved in will be taking place at Casino.

    Does ClassyBeef Gamble With Their Own Money?

    While sponsors could always step in and offer ClassyBeef some additional funds to play with, the group has been known to always gamble with their own money which is generated through streaming and fan support.

    Where Does ClassyBeef Stream?

    While they did previously stream on Twitch, ClassyBeef moved to Dlive after the announcement from twitch that they would no longer allow streamers to gamble on their platform. Now, after the announcement of Trainwrecks’ own platform, you can find ClassyBeef over on Kick.