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    If you already know about the NELK Boys, then there’s a good chance you will have already heard about SteveWillSendIt. The name alone features the motto of the prankster YouTube group.

    SteveWillSendIt, whose real name is Steve Deleonardis, is a young American YouTuber that rose to fame as early as 2013 when he and the other NELK Boys began pranking their family, friends and the general public and making YouTube videos.

    Enough about his past, though, as the man himself is still doing great things in his own time. He gradually turned to the online casino scene and found a love for betting on slots with Stake casino.

    While the gaming is serious, his demeanour is not, which makes for a uniquely entertaining experience for anyone that decides to tune in to any of his live streams. The person he became through his earlier YouTube ventures is still certainly within him as he stakes his wealth on popular, volatile slots games.

    SteveWillSendIt Info

    Real name:Steve Deleonardis
    Alias:SteveWillSendIt / SteveWillDoIt
    Age:24 (August 26, 1998)
    Twitch followers:765K
    Net worth:$10 million
    Preferred casino:Stake Casino

    SteveWillSendIt Streaming Platform

    Steve was known as one of the biggest Stake streamers on Twitch - that was until Twitch banned the slots and gambling categories on its platform.

    YouTube is also not an option for Steve, who has had his account deleted by the platform as they did not agree with the kind of content he was creating.

    It has been a while since Steve has streamed gambling content, even though he seems to have now found a new home with a platform called Rumble. If he does decide to get back on the Stake Casino content, this is where you’ll be able to watch it live.

    So far, though, there are only a few videos produced by him on there. If you like giveaway content you’re in for a treat, as Steve has posted a video about him buying homes for those that lost them in a recent hurricane.

    SteveWillSendIt Stake Games

    It is well knowledge that Steve spends most of his time during his Stake broadcasts playing slots games. When he does so, he often opts for high-volatility games because of the thrill they provide and the possible winnings they bring.

    Extra Juicy, Hotel Yeti Way, and Raptor DoubleMax are just a few of the slot games that he has preferred, along with Sweet Bonanza, which seems to be in top playlists for the majority of Stake streamers.

    However, Steve is no stranger to the live dealer games that are offered at Stake, where he enjoys playing a round or twenty of Plinko and spending a few hours here and there at the roulette table.

    SteveWillSendIt Alternative Games

    SteveWillDoIt’s background isn’t in video games like with most other Stake streamers. Instead, as we mentioned above, Steve is known for his pranks and YouTube videos with his group the NELK Boys.

    One of the most viral videos that this group made was the “coke prank”, where they sat in a car offering coke to strangers, just to have a trunk filled with Cola-Cola cans when the police showed up.

    They’ve also pranked random online college classes, ruined wine tours in Italy, flown fans to Ibiza and conducted a multitude of high-value giveaways.

    For now, Steve is still the prankster he always was, although he will often ride solo now or get other celebrities involved. These videos can now be found on Rumble.

    SteveWillSendIt Socials

    Steve is a Stake streamer that is very active on social media, including Twitter and Instagram in particular.

    On Twitter, Steve posts video clips, memes, opinions and anything else he feels like sharing with his many fans. On Instagram, he posts daily videos as well as images of him with celebrities and public figures like Donald Trump, Andrew Tate, the NELK Boys and many more.

    He is also just about to hit 1 million followers on TikTok, where he posts even more video clips for his plans that use that newer platform.

    Here are the links for each of Steve’s social media accounts:

    • Twitter:
    • Instagram:
    • TikTok:

    Is SteveWillSendIt Fake?

    Throughout his career, Steve has acquired quite a wealth, so it would not be surprising at all if he was funding his Stake gambling by himself.

    It has been known for Stake to top up streamer accounts to keep them going, and while we can never rule this out, we don’t believe that is happening in this case.

    Summary Of SteveWillSendIt

    SteveWillDoIt has had a very successful career in online entertainment so far and we don’t doubt that great content will continue to be made when streaming Stake Casino on whichever platform he chooses to stream it on next.

    He seems to have a good relationship with Rumble, so there’s a good chance the slots and casino streams will continue there in the near future.

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    SteveWillSendIt FAQs

    Where Does SteveWillSendIt Gamble?

    SteveWillSendIt, who also streams under the pseudonym “SteveWillDoIt”, appears to conduct all of his gambling activity at Casino.

    Does SteveWillSendIt Gamble With His Own Money?

    Steve has had a very successful career so far, so we don’t doubt that he has the bankroll to fund his gambling entirely by himself. We can never know for sure whether or not sponsorships are playing a part, though.

    Where Does SteveWillSendIt Stream?

    Steve was known to stream his Stake activity on Twitch until the ban, but now you’re more likely to find him gambling on Rumble instead.