TrainwrecksTV Joins Kick As Adviser & Broadcaster

16 Dec 2022
Jake McEvoy 16 Dec 2022
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  • Popular Stake gambler TrainwrecksTV, aka Tyler Niknam, officially announces his ties to Kick.
  • Tyler had been without a virtual home since Twitch banned slots from its platform back in October 2022.
  • It’ll be interesting to see which other Stake streamers follow over to the new platform.
Following the ban on Slots and casino gambling on Amazon’s streaming platform Twitch, TrainwrecksTV has committed himself to helping a new platform succeed where the previous platform fell short.

TrainwrecksTV Joins Kick

When Twitch banned casino-related gambling from being streamed on its platform, it left many popular Stake streamers without a home.

Most of these streamers moved to an alternative platform called Dlive which continued to permit casino gambling on the platform. Some streamers switched back to other games that they were known for playing. A few streamers even went on a complete hiatus.

TrainwrecksTV was one of the latter. While he did remain active on social media, he didn’t conduct any further live Stake streams - although that’s soon to change.

Who Is TrainwrecksTV?

Tyler “Trainwrecks” Niknam is a gamer at heart, having begun his career on Twitch streaming games like World Of Warcraft, CS:GO and Among Us.

Following success in Among Us, Tyler started streaming Just Chatting a lot, where his audience grew substantially during the 2020 US Presidential Elections.

Where a large audience gathers, sponsors are drawn and before long, Stake saw value in Trainwrecks as a potential sponsor for slots gambling streams.

Tyler then spent his days streaming his Stake Casino experience, where viewers witnessed him win and lose millions of dollars, up until the platform banned doing so.

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What Is Kick?

As a result of the casino gambling ban on Twitch, Trainwrecks sought to build a new platform that wouldn’t only allow slots and casino games, but would also offer a fairer share of revenue to the streamers that are putting in the work.

Kick is an alternative streaming platform, where streamers can play any games they like, engage with their viewers and more.

At the moment, Kick looks a lot like Twitch and works in the same way, however, behind the scenes, it looks to offer all streamers a subscriber button - unlike Twitch - and a 95%-5% revenue split which is a lot more tempting to streamers than the 50% offered by Amazon’s platform.

Additionally, 100% of the tips given to streamers by viewers, which will be called “Kicks”, will actually go to the streamer and the platform will not take a cut. This compares to Twitch where, although the streamer does get all of the “Bits” - which are worth 1 Cent each - 100 Bits cost the viewer $1.40.

Which Other Stake Streamers Are Now On Kick?

Similarly to TrainwrecksTV himself, there are many more Stake streamers that are looking for a new place to conduct their business.

Some big names have signed up for accounts on Kick, including all of the following:


They say that Drake has been associated with Stake for a long time now, having worked his way up the VIP ranks of the online casino site and fallen in love with the privileges that come with it.

Reports from late 2021 and early 2022 claim that Drake gambled more than $1 billion at Stake Casino in that time. You wouldn't go to so much trouble if you weren't enthusiastic about your work and the medium you were using. You shouldn't sign on as an ambassador for a brand that you don't fully support.

Stake x Drake regularly team up to do stream giveaways, with total prize pools often sitting at around the $2 million mark, so keep an eye out on the Stake Twitter for the next one and have a account ready so you can get involved.


Like many other Swedish streamers, Roshtein is a natural performer who injects boundless life into every broadcast. When millions of dollars are at stake, it's hard to miss a moment of his marathon live sets.

Ishmael has been a prominent Twitch broadcaster in the casino and gambling categories since he first started broadcasting in 2016. His millions of followers across media and social media outlets attest to the power and popularity of his streams.

Roshtein can now be found streaming on Kick and can even sometimes be spotted in some of the Stake x Drake giveaway streams there.


Although ClassyBeef's two founders got their start streaming together, the channel's meteoric journey to the top of Twitch's gambling category started only when they expanded to a full seven-person crew.

Team ClassyBeef hails from all across Europe, but they've settled in Malta, which, as anybody familiar with the gaming industry knows, is a major hub for gambling business operations.

Aside from their forenames, what they're all about as a team of specialists in the gaming business and that they now stream their Stake sessions on Kick, we don't know much about these gents.


Xposed stands out from the crowd since he is both skilled at his craft and a pleasant company to work with. This may be more than can be said of his rivals.

Cody, despite his youth, has established himself as a devoted family guy. His family comes first, then his online interactions and his followers, and finally the stuff he creates.

His reputation and wealth increased, and so did his bet sizes. When Xposed first began streaming on Twitch, he stuck to more cautious, moderate betting levels. However, he has recently begun throwing in some high-roller bets, which greatly increase the entertainment value of his broadcasts, which can now be witnessed on Kick.

TrainwrecksTV At FAQs

When Did Trainwrecks Join Kick?

Trainwrecks joined in November 2022 following the ban of casino gambling on his previous platform, Twitch.

Does Trainwrecks Stream Stake On Kick?

Unless he’s just chatting, you’ll usually catch TrainwrecksTV streaming his Stake gambling experience on Kick.

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